Mechanical upgrades and conversions

Our services on any car type and model mechanical upgrades and conversions are as below:

  • Brain Repair - As we own the necessary equipment, technology and car software, we provide instant solutions and can repair any jammed by “immobilizer” car with parallel reprogramming of the other cabin brains, SRS (Airbag), etc.
  • Testing and Diagnosis brain lesions – Chip tuning (ECU Tuning) in order to increase the horsepower of your car
  • Repairs and maintenance on mechanical and electrical faults
  • Installing electric instruments and metrics
  • Exhaust & Exhaust control card version
  • Air-condition / air clima maintenance and placements
  • Regular car service (small and large) and extraordinary maintenance inspections
  • Installation of a gas system (gas) to any car brand, type or model.